Baked Ravioli and Zesty Green Beans

Two recipes in one night!  I am a daredevil.

First up, is a Zesty Green Bean recipe.  Simple ingredients.  Note that it calls for Rotel Sauce, but I have no idea what that is.  So I used Rotel tomatoes.  I have a substituting problem.  Deal with it.


I thought I used a can of mild Rotel, but my family’s taste buds told a different story.  Our mouths were on fire.  Yowza.  If I try this again, I would use plain old diced tomatoes.

Second recipe – Baked Ravioli via a 2008 magazine.  According to my notes, I last made it in 2012.  It must have been good in 2012, because I kept the recipe, so I made it again.



It was good this time, too.  I used plain spaghetti sauce, so it lacked a little flavor.  Next time I will use a sauce with garlic or basil to give it a little something extra.

Bottom line – both recipes are keepers, with a few tweaks next time.

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