Easy White Bread

I love baking.  Sweets are my favorite, but bread is a close second.  Usually it comes out good, but there are times when the dough doesn’t rise like it should.  What a let down.

This recipe was super duper easy to follow, and it came out great!  It rose like no other bread I’ve made has risen before.  Maybe that’s because it 2 packages of yeast.  Or maybe I’m just getting better at this cooking/baking thing.  Let’s pretend I’m getting better.



I used my trusty KitchenAid mixer to mix and knead the dough.  Why do it the hard way?  The recipe calls for 3 cups + 3 cups (or maybe a little more) of flour.  In the end, I probably added closer to 6 1/2 or 7 cups.


I’ve never witnessed dough rise so fast in my life.  My kids and I left the house for a little bit and this is what we came back to.


I made the mistake of setting the loaf pans too close together and two became one.  I carefully separated the siamese bread, but the loaves did deflate a little.  Here is the baked product.  After I removed a slice to taste of course.


Slather that bread in butter and you have a deliciously warm and tasty snack or side!  Definitely keeping this recipe.  Of course, it is much better served hot and buttered right out of the oven.  I did freeze the second loaf for later.  I am thinking of using it to make french toast or something.  Stay tuned.

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